Question: How Dp You Get A Sports Car In Stick Rpg Complete?

How do you get the sports car in Stick RPG?

Vehicles are absent in Stick RPG 2, but the Hoverboard makes up for that. A yellow car will always be present next to your apartment in Stick RPG. Once the player has +350 Intelligence points, they can hotwire the car and press “C” to drive it.

Can you get a girlfriend in Stick RPG?

Stick RPG 2 gives you the option to marry. By marrying someone, you will receive the trophy, “Game Over Man.”

What is stick rpg complete?

Stick RPG Complete, also simply called Stick RPG, is the first game in the Stick RPG series. The game can be completed in sequences of difficulty that revolve around periods of 15 days, 40 days, 100 days, and an unlimited amount of time.

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What is karma in Stick RPG?

The three main stats within the Stick RPG series are Strength, Intelligence, and Charm. Karma can be considered an additional stat; however it is not enhanced through training, and is only affected by your actions throughout the series. You can randomly get strength, intelligence and charm from doing other quests.

How do you get a lot of money in Stick RPG?

Follow the Stick RPG stock market and look for a stock that drops all the way down to one dollar. Invest all your money in that stock. Wait and see how high your stock can climb. With luck, your stock can earn your character millions of dollars.

What is the point of stick RPG?

What is the point of stick RPG? Gameplay. The game is played through the main character, who has woken up in the 2D World somehow. You are able to walk up, down, left, and right, to navigate your way through the small world that makes up the game.

What does buying assets in Stick RPG 2?

Assets are investments in some of the buildings in the game which you can go and collect money from. When you first purchase the asset you can go collect money from it, however after that you can only collect every 2 weeks or 14 in-game days.

What do you do with the purse in Stick RPG 2?

In the next day, head over to the 2nd Island and you’ll find Tiffany right outside the Mobster Tower, where she will ask if the player found her purse. Return the Purse she gave you back in The Club, and she will give you a Watch while remarking about how her former boyfriend cheated on her with a mail woman.

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How do you get charm in Stick RPG 2?


  1. Being lucky in jobs and workouts.
  2. Doing certain deeds (e.g. giving Trophemons to the Animal Activist Annie and Coca bags to the Police)
  3. Getting married (Victoria: +200, Other girls: +100)
  4. Using certain items such as Smokes and 40oz.
  5. Getting the Pimp Hat from maxing out Pimp profession (+100)

Will there ever be a stick RPG 3?

As I said in another comment we don’t have any plans at the moment for Stick RPG 3 but that’s not to say we’ve ruled out the idea. With the news that Flash support is coming to an end soon, what is the plan for the flash games you guys still support such as Stick Arena?

How do you get a cell phone in Stick RPG?

Go to the Pawn Shop and purchase an alarm clock and a cell phone. You now will have a cell phone in your inventory. Open your inventory and click on the cell phone. It will be used automatically to make contacts in other cities.

How do you lose karma in Stick RPG?

How to Decrease

  1. Doing “bad” deeds.
  2. Random events while working a job.
  3. Buying an ID card from the illegal seller. (-25 Karma)
  4. Giving the Trophemons to the Eccentric Billionaire.
  5. Eating Devil Food Cake (-50 Karma) (Director’s Cut only)

What is the best way to get charm in Stick RPG?

Get a job or complete a mission if you’re eager to increase your charm faster. Jobs and missions get you money, which can be used to drink or smoke large amounts. Invest in real estate. Once you have some cash flow and are able to buy houses and furniture you’ll be able to increase your charm much faster.

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How do you become a dictator in Stick RPG?


  1. Must have at least 800 in each of the three core stats.
  2. Must have purchased Castle for Living Quarters.
  3. you will get a message in message’s asking you to run a campaign.
  4. Must have at least $200,000 or more in hand.
  5. Must be the CEO of New Lines Inc.
  6. Must have -1 Karma or lower.

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