Often asked: What Kind Of White Sports Car Does Kandi Burruss Drive?

What kind of car did Kandi buy Todd?

The singer’s husband, Todd Tucker admitted that Kandi doesn’t treat herself as much as she deserves. — So, he went and bought her a Bentley truck for her 43rd birthday!

What kind of car does Kandi Burruss drive?

17 Kandi Burruss – Mercedes CL63 AMG The Real Housewives of Atlanta star can often be seen driving her Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG, a luxury saloon with a starting price of $100,000 for the most basic models—and you can be sure that a star like Kandi Burruss is only going to drive around in a top of the range vehicle.

What car does Lisa Rinna drive?

Fancy Cars And “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Rinna drives a Tesla Model S, which starts at around $100,000.

Where do Nene Leakes live?

Leakes resides in Duluth, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.

What is Lisa Vanderpump’s net worth?

Lisa Vanderpump, 60 Estimated net worth: US$90 million.

What is Nene worth?

Leakes is worth $14 million, most of which she earned from her appearances on RHOA, Celebrity Net Worth reported. She began appearing on the show in 2008 and was a regular for seven seasons.

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