Often asked: Business Who Should Caterham Build A Sports Car With?

Where do they make Caterham Cars?

With a capacity for just 250 cars a year and a lengthy waiting list, the Caterham factory had reached the end of its useful life, so in 1987 Nearn secured a new production site in Dartford, Kent, where the cars are still built to this day.

Who makes Caterham chassis?

Caterham Cars, bicycle chassis tube-makers Reynolds Technology and computer aided engineering consultancy Simpact have previewed an ultra-lightweight chassis using technology used in the cycling world.

Can you get a Caterham 7 in the US?

They are street legal in the U.S. under EPA kit-car regulations and can be registered through processes specific to individual states. But buyers don’t need to build the cars themselves. The Caterham Seven has its roots in the Lotus Seven, which was sold both factory-assembled and as a kit car from 1957-’72.

What engines do Caterham use?

All Superlight cars use the 2-litre Ford Duratec engine in differing states of tune; the R400 with 210 bhp (160 kW) and R500 with 263 bhp (196 kW). Caterham used to manufacture an R300 using the same engine at 175 bhp, but this car has effectively now become the Supersport R.

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What is a Lotus Seven?

The Lotus Seven is a small, simple, lightweight two-seater open-top sports car produced by the British manufacturer Lotus Cars (initially called Lotus Engineering) between 1957 and 1972. The Lotus Seven design has spawned a host of imitations on the kit car market, generally called Sevens or Sevenesque roadsters.

What is the fastest Caterham?

Caterham 7 620R is supercharged racer for the road and is the fastest 7 ever produced.

What is Caterham famous for?

Caterham has an interesting history and was home for a long time to the famous Caterham Cars. The Jeweller, Charles Asprey, was a leading local figure and donated the Asprey Fountain to the town in 1890. The actor Bill Nighy was born in Caterham and Angus Deayton captained the famous Caterham School’s U16 rugby team.

What is a Caterham CSR?

The Caterham Seven CSR is the latest model from sports car manufacturer Caterham Cars. The CSR is the most heavily modified Caterham, though it still retains the basic look of the Super Seven. The CSR has two engine options based on the same Duratec block, though modifications and power output differ.

Can you build a Caterham in the US?

You’re in luck! Welcome to an FAQ on the Caterham Seven. (Sevens can be delivered factory-built in other countries, but in America, the car is available only as knocked-down parts.

How hard is it to build a Caterham?

It can take anywhere between 80 – 100 hours to build your own Caterham Seven and you will need specialist equipment to assist you. Draper provides the perfect toolkit solution to help you complete and maintain your new Seven.

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What is the cheapest Caterham?

The Seven 160 costs just £17,995, making it the cheapest Caterham, and weighs just 490kg without fluids or driver. That ‘160’ refers to the Seven’s rough power-to-weight ratio, which is the same as a Toyota GT86’s. The 160 celebrates 40 years of Caterham Sevens, and keeps things as simple as the originals.

Do caterhams hold their value?

As a result Caterhams tend to hold their value incredibly well, so while they might seem pricey to buy, you should recoup some of the value if you decide to sell the car on.

Are Caterham cars Safe?

Caterhams are more dangerous than most other cars. The driver is exposed and sits low to the ground, there is limited side-impact protection, and Caterhams do not have safety features such as ABS brakes, airbags, or crumple zones. There’s no getting away from the fact that Caterhams are not safe cars.

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