How To Get A Sports Car With Thrifty?

Does Thrifty let you choose your car?

The choice is yours – with Thrifty Choice Service. At Thrifty, we’re always looking for ways to enhance your rental experience. We already save you money and now you get to pick which specific vehicle you want to drive.

What kind of convertibles does Thrifty have?

Convertible Rental Car Types When it comes to choosing a convertible rental car type, you’ll find Ford Mustang convertibles at Thrifty and similar makes and models. * The modern Mustang is refined, powerful, and the ultimate travel companion for a road trip.

Is Alamo and Thrifty the same?

Enterprise owns both National and Alamo. Avis owns Budget, Payless, and Zipcar. Hertz owns Dollar and Thrifty. Together, these three companies account for 95 percent of the domestic car rental industry, according to Neil Abrams, president of the Abrams Consulting Group, a leading car rental consulting firm.

Does Thrifty have hidden fees?

At the time of rental, an authorized hold will be secured on your credit/debit card provided to cover the estimated rental charges plus an additional $200.00 for Credit and (effective April 1st) $500 for Debit, to cover additional charges that may be incurred.

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What rental company lets you pick your car?

Introducing Hertz Ultimate Choice. the smartest, easiest way to rent a car. Hertz Ultimate Choice puts you in the driver’s seat, making choosing the right vehicle easier than ever. Now available at select airport locations, it’s the convenient way to find exactly the car you want and get going.

Do rental cars pay tolls in Florida?

Most major rental car companies offer their customers the option of paying tolls with the credit/debit card used to rent the vehicle. These rental car customers can use Florida’s toll roads and not worry about carrying cash or stopping to pay for tolls.

How can I avoid tolls on my rental car?

4 Ways to Cheaper Rental Car Tolls

  1. Close the transponder in the car. If your rental car comes with an E-ZPass transponder and you don’t want to use it, try to close it.
  2. Use cash toll lanes.
  3. Use your own car’s toll transponder.
  4. Buy your own transponder.

Does PlatePass work Florida?

This means that a customer renting in any state throughout the U.S., can use PlatePass while traveling on toll roads in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Washington and Texas. PlatePass® Customer Service: 1-877-411-4300. You may also visit the PlatePass® website at

Is Thrifty or Dollar better?

In 2016, Thrifty earned a score of 764 while Dollar only scored 774—both below the industry average of 804—but in 2019, Thrifty scored 831, Dollar scored 826, and the industry average rose to 839. Travelers who rented with Dollar or Thrifty say they were talked into paying a daily fee for toll transponders.

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What is the easiest car rental company?

SIXT is one of the most renowned car rentals across the world and most definitely also one the easiest and fastest car rental companies in the US.

Is it cheaper to rent a car for a week?

Renting a Car by the Week Can Be Cheaper Than for the Days You Need It. But in extreme cases like this, booking a weekly car rental can be cheaper overall than renting a car for the days you actually need it for. (The rule of thumb we like to use is around $10 per day or $100 per week as a great deal.

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