FAQ: Which Is S Better Sports Car Integra Or Prelude?

Which is better prelude or Integra?

The Integra’s sportier characteristics make it more of a proper sports car, but it makes day-to-day life a bit crazy. We all agreed the Integra GS-R was the better sports car and the Prelude Si the superior daily driver, with the Prelude taking the overall crown by a 2 to 1 margin.

Is a Honda Prelude considered a sports car?

The Honda Prelude is a sport compact car which was produced by Japanese car manufacturer Honda from 1978 until 2001. The two-door coupe was loosely derived from the Honda Accord and spanned five generations.

Is a prelude a good first car?

No, buying a Honda Prelude as a “first car” is a terrible idea for many reasons. First, any “issues” on a car so old are at this point unique to each car and how it’s been driven and treated (which at this point are likely “fast” and “poorly”, respectively).

Is Honda Prelude good?

Hondas have a reputation for reliability, and generally the Prelude is no exception. However, the automatic gearbox has caused some problems. Those fitted to the 2.2-litre engine suffered the most, with complete failures not uncommon. Replacing the unit is expensive.

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Why are Honda Preludes so rare?

Honda Preludes were discontinued in 2001 and they are considered rare by most car collectors. When manufactured were lauded for being a well-designed car. Due to its popularity with a certain crowd, it’s very rare to find an unmolested one. There were roughly 20 Civics sold for every Prelude.

What year Prelude is the best?

The Top Five Honda Prelude Models of All-Time

  • 1978 Honda Prelude. This was the very first generation of Preludes ever made, and even then, it had such a sleek and cool quality to it.
  • 1982 Honda Prelude.
  • 1990 Limited Edition Honda Prelude Si States.
  • 1994 Honda Prelude.
  • 1997 Honda Prelude Type S.

Did the Honda Prelude have 4 wheel-steering?

The third-generation Prelude is where things really pick up technologically. It debuted for the 1988 model year with then-revolutionary four-wheel-steering, beating other Japanese manufacturers’ nascent 4WS systems to the punch.

Are Honda Prelude fast?

But the old Prelude, despite its VTEC drama, is not as quick as it feels. At the test track, a 5000-rpm launch elicits a bit of wheelspin, and the Type SH will bolt to 60 mph in 7.0 seconds and cover the quarter-mile in 15.5 seconds at 90 mph.

Can you daily drive a Honda Prelude?

Yes I would use it is a daily. Honestly there is no point to have a hardly 200hp, fwd, mass produced Honda that get 25+ mpg and then park it in a garage like a collectible or a $100K supercar.

Is the Honda Prelude a classic?

‘ Ignored by many, but it is now emerging as a bona fide classic – with its urgent revvy engine, rear-wheel-steering, super-cool digital dash, and smart 2+2 GT looks.

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How much is a 1992 Honda Prelude worth?

The value of a used 1992 Honda Prelude ranges from $89 to $790, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options.

How much is a prelude worth?

Due to newer Honda’s being released since 2001, such as the Honda Acura Integra, the popularity and price have fallen quite significantly. At the time of release, the 2001 Honda Prelude was worth around $25,000 in today’s money. Now, you can purchase a second-hand Prelude for anywhere between $2,000 to $6,000.

How long does a Honda Prelude last?

Re: How long will a Prelude last? I am doing my rebuild at 137,000 miles but that is because the previous owners did not take care of it at all. It is a Honda motor, it can easily last up to 200-250k miles when slightly abused and 500k if driven right its whole life.

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